Joint Interim Conference of ISA RC02 “Economy and Society” and ESA Economic Sociology Research Network with the support of ASA Economic Sociology Section.

Guidelines for presenters and authors

Mini-conference coordinators welcome submission of individual papers to these mini-conferences.

Submissions should be in English as Conference working language.

Mini-conferences and their theme statements are listed in the "Programme".

Paper submissions should be made through the online submission system. You will be asked to fill an application form to  create the personal profile and  to  make submission in order to send your proposal for review.

Extended abstracts should be 800-1,000 words in length. With the link to your profile you can then come back to the site to register and download the full paper.

Full papers should be 8000-12000 words in length. Papers will be available to the Conference participants on CDs.


Selection of participants

Selection of the Conference participants is made by mini-conference coordinators on the basis of submitted abstracts. Proposals can be accepted for oral presentation or as distributed papers.


Oral presentations

Each presenter of an oral presentation will have 15 minutes at disposal. A period for debate/discussion/questions will be allowed in the end of each session. The mini-conferences coordinators will organize the order of the oral presentations within each session as well as the sequence of the sessions.

All presentations must be made in English. Presenters of Oral Papers are welcome to bring hand-outs of power-point presentation or hard copies of paper presented to distribute among participants of that session.


Distributed papers

The presenter of a Distributed Paper should bring copies of the paper (Nr=20) to be distributed to the participants of that session. The Distributed Papers will not be presented orally.

Authors’ Guidelines for Papers

All participants of the Conference have to submit a paper based on their original proposal.

Deadline for submitting full papers - 15 September 2012.

The paper, including footnotes, should be about 8000-12000 words in length.

An abstract of up to 500 words, which should outline research question, theoretical reference, research methods, cases covered and main results, is supposed to be included.

Please add standard information about the author(s) including your present institutional affiliation, current standing and your email address.


Please use American or British spelling and follow the Chicago style guide


All papers will be available to the Conference participants on CDs which will be distributed at the registration desk


Papers can be submitted at any time to your personal profile.

Finished papers should be submitted as a Word (or PDF) For Windows-Document.