Joint Interim Conference of ISA RC02 “Economy and Society” and ESA Economic Sociology Research Network with the support of ASA Economic Sociology Section.

Submission System

Paper submissions should be made through the online submission system. You will be asked to fill an application form to  create the personal profile and  to  make submission in order to send your proposal for review.

Extended abstracts should be 800-1,000 words in length. With the link to your profile you can then come back to the site to register and download the full paper.

Full papers should be 8000-12000 words in length. Papers will be available to the Conference participants on DVDs.

Student Stipend Winners

- Galperin, Roman, PhD candidate (MIT), (Paper "Fuse-box Model of Organizational Risk Management in the U.S. Tax Preparation Industry”, Mini-conference 6.  Market society and moral order);

- Goldstein, Adam, PhD student (U of California, Berkeley), (Paper “Income, Consumption, and Household Indebtedness in the U.S., 1989-2007", Mini-conference 2.  Money, Finance and Society);

- Legun, Katharine, PhD candidate (U of Wisconsin – Madison), (Paper "A Club Apple Society: The biosocial impacts of economic institutions and materiality of markets", Mini-conference 7.  Performing economy in a material world);

- Lovera, Arianna,  PhDcandidate (Centre d'Etude des Mouvements Sociaux / Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales), (Paper "A little differently: ethical finance between anti-capitalist critique and market constraints", Mini-conference 8.  Capitalist globalization and its alternatives)

- Thiemann, Matthias, PhD candidate (Columbia U), (Paper "Accounting for the financial crisis: the struggle over accounting rules for banks in France, Netherlands and Germany", Mini-conference 2.  Money, Finance and Society)

Stipends for graduate students

To recognize the work of graduate students from outside of Russia, including those pursuing MA or Ph.D. in sociology and related fileds and encourage their attendance at the meeting, up to five stipends of $500 will be offered as an award for outstanding papers. In addition to the stipends, the winners will not pay registration fees.

To be considered for an award, papers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Address issues relevant for economic sociology
  2. Display originality in at least one of the following ways:
    • State new ideas/facts/concepts/interpretations
    • Examine critically existing ideas/facts/concepts/interpretations
    • Develop or adapt the ideas of others
  3. Demonstrate understanding of relevant literature in economic sociology and related fields
  4. Be well-written and clearly presented: they should include an abstract, introduction, conclusion, and appropriate sub-sections and employ a recognized system for notes, references, and citations.
  5. Be no longer than 8,000 words (word count should appear on the first page of the paper)

Papers should be written in English. Submission of an excerpt of an MA or Ph.D. thesis is permitted.

You must go through the standard process for submitting a proposal, but in order to be considered for the graduate student stipend, you must also upload your paper.

To apply for this stipend, you should submit your paper by February 15, 2012.

Please note that if an accepted paper has two or more co-authors only one stipend could be granted.